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Flow Cytometry: Which eFluor Organic Dye to Use?


The need for high performance dyes for use in flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry applications has increased with the advent of multi-color tests to identify multiple targets in one sample.  To assist you in your multi-color flow cytometry experiments, the eFluor® Organic Dyes have been engineered for superior optical performance in a variety of applications. 

We have recently released alternative eFluor Organic dyes to some of the existing organic fluorochromes.  This article should help you understand which eFluor Organic Dye to use in your current or upcoming multi-color experiments.

We have designed the eFluor Organic dyes such that they are direct replacements for the alternative format, and hence can be used with the same filters as the original fluorophore it is replacing.

Which eFluor Organic Dye is right for you?  Find your current fluorophore in the list below and see which eFluor dye to use.

  • Pacific Blue - use eFluor 450 (catalog numbers begin with 48-)
  • Alexa Fluor 647 - use eFluor 660 (catalog numbers begin with 50-)
  • APC-Alexa Fluor 750 - use APC-eFluor 780 (catalog numbers begin with 47-)

Want to learn more about these dyes and view comparison data? Check out our eFluor Organic Dye Replacement Knowledge Center.

See Comparison Data

*PerCP-eFluor 710 requires the use of the 710/40 bandpass filter.


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