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Want to Simplify the Multicolor Matrix Madness?


Have you ever wanted to use a flow cytometry tool that allowed you to:

  • View a picture of multicolor spectral overlap for a specific cytometer laser/filter configuration?
  • Develop an optimal laser and filter configuration for an existing multicolor experiment of known conjugated antibodies and dyes?
  • Identify the ideal laser and filter setup to collect the brightest fluorescence signal and reduce compensation?

Fluorplan Multispectral Graph

Now you can do it with Fluorplan™!

You can now develop, save and export a blueprint of fluorescence spectral data for a specific cytometer laser and filter configuration.  FluorPlan is a unique spectra viewer, designed by eBioscience, to be a simple solution for optimizing multicolor instrument configurations.

  • View spectra details and overlap for the most commonly used antibody-conjugated fluorochromes, fluorescent reporter proteins, and vital dyes.
  • Assess cross laser spill-over on up to 8 lasers; supporting over 64 laser/detector configurations.
  • Personalize, save and share design configurations and fluorescence spillover matrices for every multicolor experiment.
Design Your Fluorplan!


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